TechnologyBNB Blockchain
Total Supply10,000,000

What is Melody Cryptocurrency?

MELODY is a Web 3.0 Application joining GameFi and SocialFi. Players can sing, engage and enjoy the music here and earn tokens simultaneously. Furthermore, music creators can record their music and safeguard the copyright by means of blockchain.


Types of Melody Tokens

Melody issues 2 types of tokens.

  • SNS
  • SGS

What is SNS?

SNS stands for SING NFT SHOW. It is a goverment token. SNS is required to purchase NFT, upgrade the microphone, utilize the karaoke room, and so on. Players can earn SNS through singing and playing other games in Melody.

Earning Mechanism

SNS income must be gotten through exercises held by the Melody group, which holds various activities occasionally.

SNS Burning Mechanism

  • Burn to get a higher-level Microphone
  • Burn to level up Karaoke Room
  • Burn to get new attributes of NFT
  • Burn to get Headphones
  • Burn to mint new Microphones

What is SGS?

SGS stands for SING GAME SHOW. It is a Utility Token of MELODY. It can be generated and consumed in many in-game scenarios including Microphone repair, energy recovery, unlocking NFT, and opening the mystery box.

SGS Supply

SGS is accessible in limitless amounts, and it may be gotten by singing, song commenting, song listening, and karaoke room utilization.
To give ease, the initial casting quantity of SGS is 10,000,000.

SGS Burning Mechanism

  • Microphone repair
  • Energy recovery
  • Unlock Headphone NFT
  • Unlock Karaoke Rooms NFT
  • Mint new Microphone NFT

What can Melody do?

In melody, you can sing, and record your own music, the first cry of your baby, your wedding vow, and many more. Players can interact with their idols to create exclusive music NFT as well. You can also earn tokens and real cash profit through Melody.

How to play and earn through Melody?

Players can acquire tokens through singing, tuning in and scoring, and playing in karaoke rooms with their NFT visas in the types of Mouthpiece, Earphone, Karaoke Room, and so on. Also, the tokens acquired through games can be ceaselessly consumed in the game or cashed out for real profit.

Melody’s Future Plan

Other than Sing-to-Earn, other projects will be delivered soon, for example, “Unique Music Creation”, “Live performance Hub” and “Metaverse Concert”.

Web 3 more bizarre social, Web3 short video social, and other entertainment social items will be launched progressively after the arrival of MELODY. They will import conventional diversion utilization situations like rewards, gifts, paid content, and PK game into their application. All these will be the utilization cases of SNS and SGS.

2022 Q1

  • Market research
  • Project initiation

2022 Q2

  •  Release of website and White Paper
  • Launch of IGO
  • Genesis NFT & Staking online
  • NFT market online

2022 Q3

  • Melody Alpha & official launch
  • Melody available on App Store
  • Melody available on Google Play
  • Melody token list on DEX/CEX
  • Melody Phase-1 Beta
  • Collaboration with leading music brands

2022 Q4

  • Launch of music game tournament
  • Famed singers onboard with original works
  • Collaboration with celebrated musicians


  • Online Concerts
  • Music Festivals Node
  • Special Moments Node
  • Idol Singer Node

How to buy Melody?

If you want to know where to purchase Melody at the ongoing rate, the top cryptographic money trade for trading melody stock is PancakeSwap (V2).


Are there alternate ways to earn other than singing in Melody?

You can make quality work to get prizes from the platform or different players.

How does Melody prevent players from cheating?

Cheating is prevented by voice recognition and AI intelligent analysis systems.

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